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Breaking news, opinion, analysis, it is fair to say that we have got the lot at Now Sport. With our eyes scouring for the biggest headlines, we will provide you with all the daily insight and factual reporting that you’ll ever need.


Be it the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga or anywhere in between, we will discuss all the biggest news stories of the day and if a headline is being generated somewhere in the world, you can read about it here.




If there’s one thing that drives the game more than anything else, it is transfer talk and although the ability to recruit players is only open for two windows the year, the ability to discuss potential moves is open all year round.

At Now Sport, we have the hottest transfer tales and the juiciest rumours for you to get your teeth into. If a player is going somewhere or is looking to be shipped out, we’ll know about it sooner than anyone else.


  • FIFA


Fancy a change from the day to day of physical football? Then simply step into the digital realm and with the FIFA franchise being such big business these days, Now Sport could not overlook such an important facet of the game.

Whether it is discussion regarding the latest release or news connected to the online tournaments, we’ve got you covered and after you’ve finished beating your mates for the umpteenth time, be sure to catch up with all the latest goings on via our website.