• Dan Tracey


I don’t know about you, but I’m struggling. Not necessarily because of the constant state of lockdown, more because of the entertainment that we are all craving within it and it is a lack of entertainment, which is becoming the biggest issue of all.

Entertainment, that many have been searching for within the parameters of the football pitch and none more so, than the confines of the Premier League - a search which in the last month or so has felt rather fruitless.

Now of course, there is no doubt that the role of competitive football over the past year has been an absolute godsend to us all and without such round the clock offerings, 12 months would easily feel like 24 in length.

However, it is perhaps that round the clock offering, which is creating the problem that we are now facing, and it is a problem which also asks a rather pertinent question. Have we had too much of a good thing?

A good thing, that comes with almost non-stop football and although the simple answer to such a question is not to watch it, it is almost a necessity within our current state of government enforced house arrest.

Of course, the fact that every Premier League game is being screened to date, is due to supporters being unable to attend stadia up and down the country (bar that almost forgettable period of fandom last December) and with an insatiable appetite for the game, they require a continual fix.

A fix, that is now seeing a lot of people complaining of a lack of appetite and perhaps that ravenous lust for top flight action, is now becoming the equivalent of pushing your dinner round the plate as a child.

If you don’t eat your greens, you won’t get your pudding for afters and it seems that eating anywhere in the region of eight to ten slices of football cake per week, is becoming too much for us to deal with.

Ultimately, this is just another symptom of lockdown fatigue and thankfully with the end in sight for those within the UK, this may act as nothing more than a short to medium term blip in everybody’s collective interest levels.

At the same time, beaming so much Premier League action into our retinas, has also asked another question. Is the competition as good as the marketing teams at Sky and BT Sport make it out to be or we trading in damaged goods as of late?

Perhaps such symptoms of exhaustion have not been helped by the fact that Manchester City are set to win the title at a canter and all the talk of a six or even seven horse race, have dissipated before our very eyes.

Then again, the champions elect have at least been one of the better spectacles of late and when you watch so much football in any given week, you do conclude that there is an awful amount of dross on show at present.

That said, these feelings will pass and with the European Championships also around the corner, there are still plenty of reasons to be cheerful. It’s been a slog, we are getting there, there’s just a final push towards the end of the season and hopefully, just a little bit more normality than before.

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