• Dan Tracey


Sean Dyche

With Burnley being the latest Premier League club to fall into the hands of foreign ownership, there is always the question of what happens next and with the Lancashire outfit’s new owners placing them in a state of leveraged buyout, the answer is probably not a lot.

Leveraged buyout was the vehicle that saw the Glazer family complete their purchase of Manchester United in 2005 and although it created all manner of furore from their supporters, there has been little in the way of long-term damage to the club.

Which is why Burnley’s new owners ALK Capital, have been quick to reassure fans, that their takeover is not one engineered to drain the club’s cash reserves and it is certainly not a get rich quick scheme on their part.

While getting rich quick, is certainly something that would aid Burnley in the transfer market and although the latest window is now slammed shut, a look to the summer has already begun in earnest.

Although with recent comments from manager Sean Dyche, you get the feeling that that the former Watford defender may have to get used to another round of window shopping and little else to go with it.

When asked about potential upcoming dealings, the Burnley head honcho had this to say:

It usually revolves around finance. We are still waiting for the idea of what they think is appropriate. I don’t think there will be huge shifts."

A financial state that Dyche found himself in, before a change of club ownership took place and although those who watch Burnley through temporary digital means may have been curating their own shopping lists, they may now have to erase several names from such a piece a paper.

Of course, the job that Burnley’s manager continues to do, is one that should not be diminished in any way and although it looks like the 49-year-old will lead them into another Premier League season, there is a lingering doubt around his own managerial status.

Doubt that may come with continually having to work on a shoestring budget and with potential managerial moves elsewhere in the off-season, now could be as good as time as any to move to pastures new.

Pastures, that have seen the gravelly voiced manager often linked with a switch to Crystal Palace and with continual rumours regarding the future of Roy Hodgson, this summer might be the time in which Steve Parish opts for change.

Whether the Palace chairman and the former England manager have a difficult conversation remains to be seen but at Hodgson’s age of 73, there will have to be an element of succession planning at some point.

Succession planning, that may come about in these final few months of the current season and if time is finally called on a lengthy tenure at Selhurst Park, then it may provide the opportunity for Dyche to do the same at his own current managerial lodgings.

Ultimately, he will have to decide whether he wants to continually swim against the tide when it comes to finance and although Crystal Palace are not known for throwing around the largest swathes of the cash, the purse strings will certainly be a whole lot looser.

It is certainly going to be an interesting new era for Burnley under the ownership of ALK Capital and their leveraged buyout is one that will be viewed with a watchful eye. The question now though, is whether Sean Dyche wants to come along for the ride or not?