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Hans-Dieter Flick

When you look at Bayern Munich’s dominance in the Bundesliga this season, you would think that everything is rosy at the Allianz Arena. Right? Well not quite and as the German giants prepare for a Champions Leg task this evening, there are murmurs of discontent in Bavaria.

Discontent that is coming from managerial circles and although Hans-Dieter Flick’s tenure as Bayern boss has certainly been an impressive one, there is a sense that all is not well behind the Munich based scenes.

When you consider that Flick was only installed as Bayern manager in November 2019 and as an interim appointment to start with, there is no doubt that his stock as a head coach has risen rather considerably.

A rise that has been facilitated in an incredibly short space of time and when you look at the number of trophies that the former Bayern player has won as manager already, you can understand why that stock is so high.

Because when it comes to the value of managers, a fundamental component of such perceived value is timing and you only must look at those who have stayed on too long, then suffered a depreciation in their own personal assets.

Take Eddie Howe’s tenure at Bournemouth for example. Touted for the England job on regular occasions, he then suffered the ignominy of relegation with the Cherries and although he will not struggle to find employment should he want it, the calibre of job may well have diminished.

Which means when it comes to timing, Bayern manager Flick will be fully aware that he will not necessarily want to outstay his welcome and with the German national team job offering a vacancy in June, now may be the perfect time to continue his rapid career progression.

When you consider that Joachim Löw will have been in the German national hotseat for just shy of 15 years by the time he steps down after the European Championships, opportunities do not come around all that often.

Something that Flick and several his German managerial counterparts will only be all too aware of and with a rare opening appearing, nobody wants to make themselves as unavailable for national service.

When you see what has already taken place at Bayern over the past season and a half, there is a sense that their current manager has already set out what he wanted to achieve and anything, a far deal more.

Appointed as someone to keep things ticking over, Flick did a lot more than that and with him being able to revive a stuttering Bayern, the perennial Bundesliga champions smashed through everyone both home and abroad last season.

But when you consider the perceived competition that the Bundesliga can offer Bayern, is there already a sense of job done? Because all this club can do is stay on top and one would ask, what challenge does that present long-term.

The answer is not a great deal and with the allure of the German national team coming into view, do not be surprised if the red juggernaut of Bayern are looking for a new manager before the start of next season.

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