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In FIFA Esports, every player wants to be on top, some are already there after spending hundreds of hours in the game and some are currently in the phase of struggle. Like every year, FIFA is organising official tournaments for FIFA 2021, which are currently in progress too. The formats are quite different from the previous year’s tournaments but the competition level is at its peak.




FIFAe World Cup: Players from different regions will compete with each other in the FIFA Global series to qualify for FIFAe World CupTM. Here, the top players from every region compete with each other for the title of world champion and win the prize. The registrations for the event will close at 11:59 PM PST on December 31st, 2020.

FIFAe Club World Cup: In FIFAe Club World CupTM, players represent their respective clubs and organizations. This format features team competitions where coordination and team spirit are the key factors to win the competition. Usually, the registrations for the Club World Cup are closed and the competition is currently in progress.

FIFAe Nations Cup: In this format of the tournament, players will compete on the inter-nation level. Top teams from a specific region compete with each other in online regional qualifications to have the best national team and then the top national teams will compete with each other in FIFAe Nations Cup to win the FIFA Nations champions award. In this competition, players play

against other players in a 2v2 format. For the Nations Cup, every player must register himself on​.

The competitive FIFA players will now have a chance to prove themselves in player versus player, clubs vs clubs, and on a national level respectively. FIFA has added many additional features in the tournaments like adding FIFA professionals, influencers, content creators, and professional footballers in the tournaments to make it more fun and entertaining for players as well as for fans.

As ​Christian Volk​, the Director of eFootball & Gaming at FIFA said “ With our FIFAe tournaments, we aim to get closer to pros, gamers and fans. In times of digital acceleration, we see a strong shift in media consumption, social values and entertainment narratives. To engage deeper with football’s next generation, we have to step up now.”.

You can find a complete schedule of the tournaments ​here.

To learn more, you can visit the official website ​​ for competitive gaming of FIFA.

Due to the global pandemic, these tournaments are not going to be LAN tournaments and will take place online.

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