EA Sports are looking to spice up FIFA 21 Ultimate team with “WHAT IF” dynamic player cards. It was released on February 26 2021 providing more excitement to the world of FIFA Ultimate Team.

“WHAT IF” Player cards can benefit from their football teams performance on the pitch as “WHAT IF” presents team-oriented objectives based on real life football which when accomplished can provide even more opportunity and the already boosted dynamic player card can get an additional +2 OVR boost.

So how does it work? Well, in order to achieve this your players team has to meet their real life football objectives set in order to get the upgrade.


Midfielders and Attackers will receive an upgrade if the player’s club scores at least 6 goals in their next 5 domestic league matches.

Defenders and Goalkeepers will receive an upgrade if the player’s club can keep at least 1 clean sheet in their next 5 domestic league matches.

This highlights the importance of the team working together to make sure goals are scored and opponents are not given the opportunity to breach the teams defence. Remember this is effective from the second that the player’s dynamic card is released in to the game.


When it comes to “WHAT IF” tracking you need to remember that it is only domestic league matches which are count towards the players upgrade. Once the item has been released it will come in to play when the first domestic league match starts, but only after it has been released not before.

When a player’s team has met the requirements to receive the “WHAT IF” upgrade, the earliest the item can be updated is the following Wednesday.

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