FIFA 21 Playtime is all about having control over your playtime and engagement with the game. It enables you to monitor the time you spend playing FIFA 21, the amount of matches you have played and the FIFA points you purchase. This can be a crucial element for some people as FIFA 21 can take up a lot of time and put people off from doing things they need to do.

With Playtime in place the control is in the players hands and they can choose to set a limit on the time spent playing FIFA 21 as well as the amount of money they spend. Parents highly rate this as it means they can have some control over the time there children spend on FIFA 21 as they able to put limits on their account. It can also be crucial for some players who find they are spending too much money on FIFA points and Playtime can prevent them from losing control over what they are spending.


Time Spent will show your weekly total time spent playing FIFA 21 both online and offline. As previously mentioned this does include any idle time or time spent in the menu screens. You can limit your time spent playing FIFA and compare your weekly average time.


This allows you to see how many matches you’ve played throughout the week including FIFA Ultimate Team, Kick-Off and Volta Football. You can view you average play time and set weekly limits.


With this you can see how many FUT Packs you have brought either with FIFA Coins or purchased with FIFA Points from the FUT Store.You can set weekly limits on how many FUT Packs you get on a weekly basis. This doesn’t include any packs you unlock as rewards.


FIFA Points allows you to see how many FIFA Points you purchased and/or redeemed. You can set weekly limits on any FIFA Points that you purchase.

How to turn on FIFA Playtime

FIFA playtime is not something that automatically starts when you starting playing FIFA so if Playtime is something you want to use then you need to make sure you set it up. To put FIFA Playtime on you need to go to the main menu on the FIFA page and in to online settings, once you have selected online settings you should be able to find the customise tab which is where you will be able to turn on FIFA Playtime. Alternative options include turning FIFA Playtime on from FIFA 21 Companion app or the web app.

Once you have set this up you will be able to find the ‘FUT more’ menu which is within the online settings. By going in to this option you will be able to understand and see your level of commitment to FIFA but also will have the opportunity to set up any weekly limits you wish to set.

Important aspects of FIFA Playtime

If FIFA Playtime is something you choose to use and then decide it is not right for you then it is easy enough to opt out. FIFA Playtime is something you can change as and when you want so if you make the decision to remove this then you can. You are also able to review the limits in which you set. However, when setting your limits it is important to take in to account that when you set a time limit the time limit includes all time spent on FIFA, this includes any time you spend in menus.