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Taking the game away from the crowded stadiums of big clubs, Fifa 21 VOLTA Football allows you to experience street football.

In Fifa 21 VOLTA Football, you will find more ways to play in some more intense locations. As the name shows, VOLTA means "return" in Portuguese so it is a new edition to EA's football series and is quite different from the original Fifa 21 just like for the Fifa 20.

This VOLTA edition is all about playing the matches in a street-style mode where you will see small pitches and cages, small teams experiencing the exceptional local environment.

You will not be needing straight-up match moves like normal football games, you will be needing more mastery of dribbling, juggling, and nutmegs to score. Using these crazy skills during the matches makes Fifa VOLTA more fun.

Gameplay and Features:

As mentioned above that the gameplay of this edition is different from other Fifa games. There are no 11 vs 11 standard matches in the big stadiums. On the contrary, you will be playing 3 vs 3 or 5 vs 5 matches in those tiny street courts all around the world.

The types of matches in Fifa 21 VOLTA are,

  • 3 v 3 Rush (no goalkeeper)

  • 4 v 4

  • 4 v 4 Rush

  • 5 v 5

  • Indoor professional futsal

You will also be able to play matches on the pitches with or without the walls around. The matches are fast-paced and more thrilling.

Almost everything in the game is easily customisable. You can customise your avatar and your squad members too. Fifa 21 VOLTA focuses on style a lot, equipping elegant outfits and branded shoes will make your avatar more unique while playing matches.

There are four different online and offline modes to play in Fifa VOLTA 21,


In this mode, you can play solo or 5 v 5 online matches against other squads around the world. You will earn limited-time rewards as long as you keep winning the contest.


In featured battles, you will be playing against the AI. The more you win, the more experience and skill points you will earn that you can use to upgrade your player’s abilities and skills. Winning matches also allows you to recruit higher-rated players from opposing teams to increase your team’s rating and chemistry.

  • The Debut

It is a story-based mode featuring Kaká and Lisa Zimouche, from starting a career in street football and becoming a legend in the streets tournaments.

  • Kick-Off

In the kick-off mode, you will be able to play against professional teams in the location of your choice with or without the goalkeeper.

No matter which mode you play, you will always earn points for your avatar by winning these small-sided matches.

Fifa 21 VOLTA features 23 unique locations from 6 different continents giving you a diverse taste of world football.

The ultimate challenge in the game is to reach the Dubai stadium after training hard enough and winning matches in other locations.

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