• Dan Tracey


When it comes to raging fires, the best thing is never to add any fuel to it. Unfortunately, when it comes to Manchester United protests, it seems as if Avram Glazer has ended up doing that exact thing.

Because with the club unable to play last Sunday’s keenly anticipated fixture with Liverpool, tensions are rather heated between supporters and the family that are currently owners of such a footballing institution.

Of course, as we all know by now, the reason that United could not write the latest chapter in their storied history with Liverpool, is because of fan protests that saw an element of supporters gain access to the Old Trafford pitch

A protest that may have started off with good intentions but then unfortunately became rather ugly and as always, it only takes one or two idiots for the overwhelming message to be lost in their noise that follows.

However, whether you think that protests crossed the line or not (literally in this case), supporters do have a right to protest and with those protests coming amongst a backdrop of European Super League plans, the Glazer’s are the public enemy in all of this.

To the point where, plans to breakaway have reignited the old fires that have simmered in the background for the last few years and such is the contempt for those who hold the United purse strings, that the end game is to try and rid them from ownership of the club.

However, if the Glazer’s are to go and even that may be an unlikely possibility, they are unlikely to go quietly. That is at least from a figurative point of view, because the American family never make any noise as far as the club is concerned.

Such is their wall of silence, that it is this which has simply lit the blue touch paper and with Avram Glazer refusing to give an apology for his role in the plans to form a European Super League, the level of toxicity around the club may only increase in due course

Actually, come to think of it. may is too safe a word to use. That toxicity that was witnessed at Old Trafford recently will be converted to venom and with the season not yet over, who is to say that we do not see more of the same at the Red Devils’ next home game.

Whether another storming of the stadium takes place remains to be seen and if the same was to happen in the next few weeks, you would have to ask serious questions of the Manchester United security staff.

However, there will certainly be another round of protest outside the ground and with nothing in the way of contrition from any of the Glazer family or an olive branch being afforded to supporter groups, you get the feeling this war could get rather ugly.

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