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How to make income playing Fifa

Esports is one of the biggest money-making industries in the world with the potential for continuous growth. The revenue generated by Esports is huge and is expected to keep increasing in the coming years.

The same is true for the Esports related to Fifa and not only the game developers and officials can make money but competitive players can also earn a handsome amount by just playing Fifa or winning tournaments with decent prize pools.

Here are some of the tips that can help you in monetising Fifa related Esports:


A pretty straightforward method for monetisation, streaming your live gameplay of Fifa can help you in generating income. With continuously increasing viewership, you can share gameplay videos and be a Fifa content creator.

Some of the leading platforms for the streaming of Fifa are Twitch, Youtube, Smashcast, Afreeca TV, Gosu Gamers, and Facebook Gaming. You can monetise your gaming channel on these platforms easily and can earn money from advertisements, subscriptions, and even directly receive support-money from your viewers at the time of live streaming your Fifa gameplay.

If your channel got enough viewership then you can also earn some extra cash by brand sponsorship while playing Fifa.

Participating in tournaments:

The best option for competitive Fifa players because every year Fifa are organising official tournaments with huge prize pools for ambitious players. If you are really good enough, you can build your dream-team or even participate solo in the tournaments to win the competition and prize pool.

If you find that hard, you can even participate in hundreds of ongoing local Fifa tournaments to get some money into your wallet. In this way, you will earn money and renown.

Organising tournaments:

Organising or conducting Fifa tournaments can generate good revenue. It is quite a tough option but the reward is big.

The following things will help you in generating revenue from your Fifa tournaments,

  • Tournament fees

  • Crowd-funding

  • Steaming the tournament games

  • Sponsorship and Partners

Set a big prize pool and low tournament fee to attract more players and keep the balance between them, you will great results in terms of income.

Coaching or Playing on the behalf of an Esports organisation:

Another good option for professional Fifa players is coaching and to be recruited by Esports organisations. If you are good enough in the game and have a good understanding of the gameplay of Fifa then there is a high chance to be appointed as a coach or a professional player.

There are many Fifa Esports organisation that are looking for potential Fifa players. They will pay you a proper salary and provide a bootcamp for your training. If you have Fifa skills, you will not return home with an empty-pocket for sure.

Is Fifa really an Esports game?

Esports games like Counter-Strike, League of Legends, DOTA 2, Fortnite, Fifa is not specifically designed for Esports. That’s why the game has less Esports-friendly mechanics and still somehow struggling in the Esports world.

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