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When it comes to the theatre of international football, managers are usually employed on either two or four-year cycles, a length of tenure which coincides with the regularity of major competitive tournaments.

Which is why Joachim Löw has often been considered the elder statesman of the international game and with his appointment as Germany manager coming back in 2006, he has currently been in Die Mannschaft hotseat for nearly 15 whole years.

Unfortunately for Löw, he will not be able to blow out the candles on a 15th birthday cake and although the reasonings are his own, the news regarding the 61-year-old has certainly caused a large amount of consternation.

Reasonings that come courtesy of Löw’s decision to stand down as German national team manager at the end of this year’s European Championships (a day short of 15 whole years, should Germany be finalists) and after such an announcement, the rumour mill has already gone into overdrive.

A rumour mill, that is discussing just who will be the man to fill the void and when you look at what is happening around Anfield at present, then it does not need a genius to enter Jurgen Klopp’s name into the frame.

The Liverpool manager is undergoing a rather torrid time as of late and with last season’s Premier League champions serving up an incredibly meek defence of their title, it seems as if the house of cards is suddenly starting to collapse.

There’s no doubt that Liverpool are looking fatigued and whether that is a consequence of this season’s fixture schedule or their style of the past few years catching up with them, is something that can be argued.

However, one cannot deny that there are seemingly parallels between what is happening on Merseyside and what happened during the last few months of Jurgen Klopp’s lengthy reign as Borussia Dortmund boss.

Quite simply, it looks as if the tank is being emptied and although the 53-year-old has an incredible amount of credit in his Liverpool managerial bank account, he may be tempted to withdraw the funds himself.

Because compared to the hustle and bustle of the Premier League, international football is a far more serene affair and the lack of week-to-week drama, may be exactly what Klopp needs right now.

At the same time, it could be exactly what the German national team also needs right now and although the high point of their recent success was undoubtedly their 2014 World Cup win in Brazil, the nadir was to come four years later.

With Germany not making it out of the group stages in Russia three years ago, many felt this was the time when the now-exiting manager should have stepped down and passed on his coaching responsibility to another party.

Which is why it was something of a surprise to see the former Tirol Innsbruck and Austria Wien manager stay in employment and even more so, when you consider Germany’s Nations League failure the following season.

However, like Jurgen Klopp, Joachim Löw would have possessed an incredible amount of credit after masterminding World Cup success and therefore continuity was deemed to be the order of the day or was it?

Perhaps, it was more because a suitable successor had not yet presented itself to the German F.A. and although Löw has made the decision for them, the stars could well be aligning in their bid to finally land the services of Liverpool’s head honcho.

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