• Dan Tracey


"Not perfect but not a catastrophe", that is the most recent assessment of Liverpool’s current run of poor league results and it is an assessment, that comes from none other than their manager Jurgen Klopp.

With the Merseyside outfit failing to win any of their last four Premier League outings, their grip on the title that they won last season, is slowly being prised away and with the champions only lying fourth at the time of writing, questions are being asked of their misfiring front three.

No win in four, no goal in three. A pair of rather damming statistics and for all the talk of Liverpool having to mend and make do in defence, it is their stuttering attacking unit which is now causing Klopp his biggest headache.

A headache that may have only been bought on himself and with an overwhelming refusal to rest and rotate his forward triumvirate, the trio of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, and Roberto Firmino are now showing visible signs of fatigue.

Of course, it is not that those mentioned are playing badly, it’s just that they are failing to reach the lofty heights that their performances have previously taken them to and on recent evidence, it is fair to say that their collective tanks are running empty.

Something that could perhaps been avoided, had Klopp opted for more trust in those on the fringes or even just made the substitutions that he is permitted to make during 90 minutes of frenetic top flight action.

Much of the conversation away from the playing field, has revolved around how many Premier League substitutions should be permitted and with the likes of Klopp and his adversary Pep Guardiola clamouring for five, you would think their previous quota has been exhausted.

However, this is far from the case and with some outings seeing the same starting eleven subsequently finish the game as well, to suggest for further changes of personnel is almost bordering on ludicrous.

Such is the apprehension to make an existing maximum number of changes, it has left Liverpool’s star players in the situation that they are currently in and had they been afforded a modicum of rest, they may not be running through treacle at this present time.

Yes, the arrival of Diogo Jota from Wolves has given Liverpool’s head honcho another option, although it is an option that is still being used sparingly and at some point, either the bad run of results comes to and end or the personnel is finally changed up top.

With that said, you get the feeling that the man who oversees such important tactical decisions, is still unwilling to change unless necessary and he would rather stick to what he knows best, in a bid to change the club’s fortunes.

It’s the apprehension to switch things over, which ultimately saw his reign at Borussia Dortmund fizzle out and although we’re not quite at crisis mode at Anfield - something that Klopp himself stated, the warning signs are perhaps starting to appear all the same.

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