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Harry Kane

Lately it certainly feels like Groundhog Day, as time stands still and evenings blend into one another. Although if there's one thing you can set your watch to regardless of a global pandemic, it is a post-Christmas injury to Harry Kane and after Tottenham’s defeat to Liverpool, it has happened again.

Because with every instance in which the England captain visibly winces, supporters of the club do the same at home and after only lasting 45 minutes on Thursday night, the agonising waiting game now beings.

A game, that has the potential to derail Tottenham’s season and although Heung min-Son can be considered a rather able deputy in the centre of attack, there is a sense that the more things change, the more things stay the same.

Once again, it is an ankle injury that has hampered England’s captain and although Gareth Southgate will be keen to know just exactly what the diagnosis is, it is Jose Mourinho who will be clamouring for the news first.

After such a woeful performance on Thursday, this was the last thing that the club needed and after ceding ground to a title rival and perhaps more frustratingly, one that was stuttering themselves, it is Tottenham that could now be misfiring.

Take Kane out of Tottenham’s equation and it is fair to say that the North London outfit are an incredibly different beast, especially when you consider his transformation to a provider in the first half of the season.

Then again, it would be unfair to say this element of his game is a transformation, as that would suggest that his goalscoring talents have been left behind and if anything, the number of assists he has created, has only added to his overall game.

To the point where, it is almost a double blow now and when you consider that he is both talisman and tailor for the team, it is once again going to be the supporting cast that will be required to step up to the plate.

Of course, one must not forget that the ranks have been bolstered in this department and with the arrival of Carlos Vinicius from Benfica on loan, this should now be the perfect test of what he is all about.

For years now, Tottenham fans have bemoaned the lack of a genuine backup forward and although the 25-year-old has had a fleeting number of appearances in the cup competitions, he is yet to be seriously tested in the Premier League.

Which is why the decision to bring on Erik Lamela for Harry Kane against Liverpool, was something akin to a head-scratcher and when you consider that manager Jose Mourinho always has his inner circle of players he can trust, the lack of selection for Vinicius may be a damming indictment.

With a trip to Brighton on the agenda this weekend, the starting eleven will offer further insight into just how the former Chelsea manager looks to deal with such a serious problem and whether the perceived backup for Kane will actually be utilised as intended.

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