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The more things change, the more things stay the same and with another weekend of football action in the history books, there are further reports of racism that now must be discussed by those who create the column inches.

While if column inches are to be generated on this topic, then there will be certainly be no shortage after what has been witnessed in the past couple of days alone and once again, it shows that sometimes football is not a nice place to be.

Then again, even the word sometimes is a huge underestimate and the fact that there have been three instances over the course of the weekend is of course three too many. However, the worrying thing in all of this, is that I could well be writing about three more next week.

Take Callum Robinson of West Brom for example and his performance against Chelsea, the Irish international scores twice at Stamford Bridge to aid the Baggies’ monumental win at Stamford Bridge and aid their hopes of survival.

Callum Robinson scores a Brace for West Brom in their 5-2 win over Chelsea

After the game he should be celebrating with his teammates after a job well done and rightly so. Instead, he is left reading racist remarks on social media and the performance in West London is quickly overshadowed.

Or take Davinson Sanchez after Tottenham’s 2-2 draw away at Newcastle. Now admittedly the Colombian did not have the best performance at St James’ Park and he and his teammates will now have to deal with the consequences of two important points dropped.

However, in no way whatsoever is that an excuse for the mindless actions of those who can only be labelled as cowards and for the defender to suffer digital racist abuse after the game, is nothing short of abhorrent.

Or Valencia’s Mouctar Diakhaby suffering abuse on the field of play by a fellow professional, to the point where he and his teammates walk off. Only to then be told, they risk losing points if they did not return.

Mouctar Diakhaby was subject to alleged racial abuse by Cadiz player Juan Cala

Three disgusting incidents in the space of two days and you can quickly add Glen Kamara’s abuse at Ibrox or the countless other social media screengrabs of online racism that have been served up in recent times.

This all adds up to the same problem and that is the fact, that not just society but the game itself has a huge problem. One that although it is not losing overall, it does seem like the opposition in this battle is certainly gaining an unwanted foothold in the game.

A game that sees more and more and even more racism creep back into football’s environment and even if you were to say that it is just a mindless minority who commit such heinous actions, their tentacles of ill are certainly starting to expand outward.

Because with each occurrence of online or on field racism that is being witnessed as of late, it almost normalises such vile behaviour and this means, the next person will be ready to mimic such behaviour behind a cloak of anonymity.

Which begs the question, just who needs to step up here? First the social media companies need to do their bit and enforce such punishments or make it far harder for people to sign up and spout their mindless abuse.

At the same time, the fact that we are seeing a rise in professional players suffering verbal racist attacks sends out completely the wrong message to those who watch the game and when you consider that such people are role models, there are some you do not want to look up to.

The honest answer in all of this and it is one that incredibly sad, is that this may just be a problem that you may never eradicate due to how some people are simply ingrained and it is because of this, that the fight will always go on and the battle to rid racism will continue for as long as it needs to.

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