• Dan Tracey


With PSG being handed a first-leg Champions League deficit at the hands of Manchester City, there is a sense that they may just be edging out of the competition and if that proves to be the case, it will only serve up disappointment for manager Mauricio Pochettino.

Because although the Argentine has already won the French Champions Trophy since taking over the PSG reins last December, that is not the primary reason as to why he was appointed to replace Thomas Tuchel.

In the grand scheme of things, a Champions Trophy (Community Shield) success does not even scratch the surface and although Pochettino and his players have recently focused their collective attentions to European glory, there are now matters closer to home that must be dealt with.

Matters that involve PSG in a rare position and that is not one that finds them at the top of the Ligue 1 table. With four games of the season left to play, the side from the French capital are a point behind current leaders Lille.

Not only that, but the defending champions will also need to look over their shoulder, as Monaco find themselves just a point further back in third and this means a titanic title tussle is now on the horizon.

For Pochettino, there is a sense that he is a specialist in failure and if he fails to snare one of the two major prizes that he was employed to win (although if we are being honest, it really is a case of the Champions League), then there may be an awkward conversation with the PSG board.

That’s not to say the former Tottenham manager will be given his marching orders in the off-season, it’s just that this is not how his first half season was meant to pan out and he arguably needs a big win, to rid himself the tag of likeable loser.

To a man or woman, nobody has a bad word to say about the former Argentina international and the fact he played for PSG at the turn of the millennium, will only make his bond with the club even stronger.

However, for that bond to be unbreakable, PSG are not only going to have to do their bit, but they must also hope for dropped points from Lille and although the leaders have drawn 10 times this season, they have only lost on three occasions.

It seems to be that Lille manager Christophe Galtier has taken a more pragmatic approach at times and instead of going for broke, a draw will do. An approach that has not been largely taken on by their nearest rivals.

They have operated by a far more gung-ho measure and the fact that they have lost eight league matches this season - which is very unlike PSG in recent times, can be considered testament to such a point.

All in all, it is going to take a rather brave person to select who comes out on top in this title race and it may be too early to make such a prediction. However, one thing is for certain and that is the fact, that the entertainment will not be in short supply.

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