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It is fair to say that the past 24 hours or so have been possibly the maddest that the sport of football has ever witnessed and for all the talk of a European Super League involving clubs such as Tottenham, a new manager will now have to lead them into such a battle.

That’s because with the dust not even settling on Tottenham and 11 other club’s plans to breakaway from football as we know it, the North London outfit have decided to call time on the managerial tenure of Jose Mourinho.

While although the of sacking the Portuguese managerial icon is not the biggest surprise, the timing most definitely is and with Spurs preparing to appear in this Sunday’s Carabao Cup final, those preparations have now taken a massive dent.

With a managerial void left to fill in the short-term, it means former players Ryan Mason and Chris Powell will take charge of the club for the next couple of months and at the end of the week, they will be leading the team out at Wembley.

Before then, they have a Premier League outing against Southampton and it is failure to win any of their last three matches in this competition, which ultimately was the death knell for Mourinho’s time as Tottenham manager.

Two points from the last nine on offer, has all but meant that their hopes of Champions League football has now gone up in smoke – then again, such a pursuit may prove to be nothing more than moot now anyway.

According to reports, it is not Tottenham’s desire to enter a European Super League which acted as the catalyst for the sacking of Mourinho and when you consider the former Real Madrid manager has lost 10 league matches this season, that is a truer reason as to why.

For a campaign that started rather well, it is in danger of finishing with nothing more than a whimper and with Mourinho seemingly falling out with players left, right and centre, it seems as if his more chilled persona was only for the Amazon documentary cameras.

When you consider the likes of Gareth Bale and Dele Alli have largely been persona non grata throughout the season (if only spared complete exile after fleeting Europa League minutes), all was certainly not well within the Tottenham dressing room.

Of course, if a manager falls out with big names and results are still on the board, then these are nothing more than issues that simmer in the background. It’s just when you lose so many games, that exiled superstars become a more pertinent discussion topic.

Ultimately you cannot sack the players for not performing and any man in charge will always have to fall on his sword eventually, something that has happened within the N17 postcode earlier this morning.

Now the race to appoint Mourinho’s successor begins in earnest and with Julien Nagelsmann potentially being eyed up by Bayern Munich, chairman Daniel Levy finds himself in a race against time and more importantly, the German giants – who remember are not in any new Super League.

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