FIFA 22 Kylian Mbappe

FIFA 22 cover featuring Kylian Mbappe (Pic: Steam)

FIFA 22 is set to be officially released tomorrow (Friday 1st October 2021) and just like everyone else, we can't wait to get our hands on it! After a year of playing FIFA 21 we want to see just how much improvement the people at EA Sports have made to such an iconic game.

New Game Play Features

FIFA 22 will include new game play features such as Goalkeeper Rewrite giving a new level of intelligence to the last line of defence by unlocking more reliable shot-stopping and smarter decisions being made with goalkeeper positioning identity that can mirror the different approach of keepers in the game.

True Ball Physics will create a new level of reality to how the football reacts in gameplay. EA Sports spent a lot of time getting data from true-life scenarios ensuring the football mimics real-world play such as speed, air resistance and ground friction to make the ball move like the real thing.

You can now gain more command over how your selected player reacts with Explosive Sprint. Whether you're attacking or defending explosive sprint gives you extra control of that player to use full speed to get away from defenders or get back to protect your goal.

New Attacking Tactics allow you to assemble your team with distinctive behaviour in each half of the pitch allowing you to hold the ball in your half and break into attack with plenty of pace, play box to box and create your own individual style.


One of the many awaited changes has finally come with Derek Rae and Stewart Robson on FIFA 22 along with Alex Scott, who has made history in becoming the first female commentator on FIFA.

The full list of English commentators include Alan Smith, Derek Rae, Lee Dixon (Champions League), Alex Scott and Stewart Robson for in-game score updates.

FIFA 22 Screenshots

Expected goals

Expected goals (xG) has become extremely popular amongst football fans recently as it's used to assess every goal scoring chance and the probability to score in the match. Most broadcasters will now give this statistic during and after the game as it's a much wanted fact by fans. This has now been included in FIFA 22 so you can see how many goals you or your opponent should, would or could have scored. However this feature isn't like by everyone as you can tell from birdiex94x on TikTok.

Ultimate Team

Divisions are now made up of stages and ranks. Winning can advance you from one stage and if you manage to get on a win streak you'll progress even faster. If you lose matches then you will move back a stage unless you're on a checkpoint which will keep your progress and keep you at the correct level of the competition.

A new FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) season feature means where you finish in the previous season will regulate where you start in the following season. The better you rank the better the rewards.

Find out more from the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Official Trailer below:

All together FIFA 22 appears to be much improved over the former FIFA 21 and we look forward to testing out the new features.

Disclaimer: No controllers, TV's or consoles were broken in the creation of this article!