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Will Celtic Opt For An American Manager?

With Celtic failing to land the magical 10 in a row this season, there is very much the feeling that an era has come to an end and with Neil Lennon departing the club because of such failure, the hunt for a new manager has begun.

A hunt that has thrown up a litany of names already and in any search of this nature, you get names that range from the logical to the absurd. In terms of the latter and the rebuild job that will need to be carried out, the appointment of Frank Lampard may be something of a stretch.

With the former Chelsea boss finding himself out of gainful employment at present, the link to Glasgow is an obvious one. However, with at least one Premier League vacancy set to appear in the next couple of months, Lampard will be happy to bide his time and wait for a phone call down south.

Another Englishman who has been linked with the role as Celtic manager is Eddie Howe and although the suggestion is not as outrageous as Lampard, it would be an incredible leap from his previous remit as Bournemouth boss.

That’s not to say that Howe would be out of his depth, but the consensus has always been that he needs a mid-range job to get his teeth into first and once more experience is under his belt, then he can look for the bigger prizes.

Of course, there is an element of chicken and egg in all of this, as you cannot get the experience without a job and you cannot get the job without experience. Although even with such a vicious cycle, the Celtic board may be tempted to look elsewhere.

A look that could be in the direction of Rafa Benitez and although his pedigree is not up for debate, his probable transfer budget demands would be and because of this, the Spaniard may rule himself out of the race.

Which means with this ultimately being something akin to a new project, the Celtic hierarchy may be tempted to look at one of the more progressive coaches that is currently plying their trade within European football.

An accolade that is bestowed to RB Salzburg manager Jesse Marsch and with the American being on the radar of many clubs on the continent, there is a sense that Celtic may have to act fast on this one.

Marsch himself seems warm to his appointment and when you consider that he has also been the assistant at RB Leipzig, his CV and more importantly previous experience of Champions League coaching, may put him top of the Celtic Park que.

In a recent interview, the 47-year-old suggested it would be “an honour” to be the next Celtic manager and he has also been the name that has been repeatedly put forward by several ex-professionals.

While although the likes of Pat Bonner and James McFadden will not hold any sway when it comes to this upcoming recruitment process, it will be no coincidence that Marsch’s name is continually on theirs and many other pundit’s lips.

Which means Celtic may be better off looking in the direction of Austria than opposed to somebody who has formerly coached a Premier League club and is arguably only viewing such a move as a stepping stone to elsewhere.

The next decision that the Celtic board make, is arguably going to be their most important for several years and if they want to return the club to the pinnacle of Scottish football, then it is not a decision that they can get wrong.

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